Friday, March 24, 2017

Part 3 F51

I actually left off in the middle of part 3. Maybe because I'm a fast reader or I was just really curious or both but all I have to say is WOAH. I know I read this yesterday, but I'm not over the fact what just happened. There's so much to think about. I now have no idea where the book is going to end or what's going to happen next. A few questions I had where: Why do the kids kill each other? You would think they would be distracted by technology as well, but instead they attack whoever gets in their way. Is the whole country like this? I mean does every town in the country have firemen and fire station that burns books and have a society who is so against them? If that's the case, where is Montag going to go? If the whole country is like that, he's basically screwed. At the same time, how can he be screwed? There's so much of the book left over. I'm just going to put this out there: I don't care what happens to Mildred. I hate her with a passion. Will Montag find Clarisse? Will he try to get Faber to escape with him? Is the war going to become a bigger part in this book? Will the war stop these kinds of societies or is everything going to stay the same?
I really can't wait to find out what's going on.(:

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Answers to Part Two Questions

1. Montag's reaction to books was that he was fascinated by them. He thinks they could have the answers to all the questions he has. For example, what happened to Clarisse and maybe even why there is a war.
Mildred, on the other hand, is far more interested in TV programs than reading books. She doesn't like to use her imagination to envision people and things because she rather have other people do that thinking for her. She is also afraid that Captain Beatty might find out and burn the house and most importantly to her, their "investments"(aka the parlor).

2. The effects of the bombs flying over show that there is an outside conflict too: war. Montag first realized this when he started to question is happiness and now when he's confessing to Mildred that he is not happy. It proves that everyone in the country is so busy being distracted and finding happiness in technology that they don't even realize that their country is at war. In section two, it motivates Montag to look for answers about why there might be a war in books.

3. Professor Faber used to be an English Professor but stopped after the college shut down due to the lack of people applying. Montag decides to pay him a visit because he wants to understand what he's reading.

4. Montag's reaction in the subway is him having a fight with himself mentally and deciding on weather he should continue his life in that dull society, which means forgetting about books, or read books and break the rules so that maybe he can find some answers (maybe even happiness).

5. Faber's argument is that the things that you learn from books could be applied to your life. He first says that books have quality and make you reflect on your life. Then he says books need people to take their time when reading them and interpret what they read(make meaning out of it). The last thing he tells Montag about books is that people need to apply what they have learned from books in their own life.

6. The small green object is an invention that Faber created. I like to think of it as walkie talkie. It's basically just a two way radio that he made to look like seashells( which is Bradbury's version of headphones) so no one would be suspicious.

7. Well clowns are usually associated with the amusement of little children and since grown adults in this society find them entertaining as well, this leads me to think that they aren't very (how do I put this in a nice way?🤔)...very educated or mature,

8. Mrs. Phelps cries when Montag read "Dover Beach" because just as their society, Mrs.Phelps had nothing to make her think for herself and as she interpreted what Montag was reading, she was reflecting on her own life.

9. Montag returns to the fire station because he thinks he is a real risk taker but Beatty had happened to find out he had books.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Aren't we all kids?

Saw Beauty and The Beast today and it was AMAZING! It's exactly like the animated one. And as a huge Emma Watson fan, I was excited to see her performance in this film. 10/10 I recommend.

Rant:My sister went in the group chat I have with my cousin, who saw the movie too, and mentioned how she was "reliving her childhood." My sister is only twelve so my cousin responded with, "But Jackie, you're still a kid." I chimed in with, "everyone in this chat are kids." That's when an argument sprouted. "I'm eighteen so technically I'm an adult," said one of my cousins. Well legally she is an adult but I would still consider her as a kid. Her only evidence was "now I can say back in my day". Literally everyone can reflect on their life's experiences and say that! I go on to say that her life's just beginning and that's when she got mad. Plus, my main point was I don't think anyone truly grows up. Aren't we all kids at heart? I'd say it's a pretty boring life to expect yourself for acting like a full grown up at that age. I just wanted to say "enjoy being young and have fun! You won't be young forever." but of course she said, "I have a right to my opinion" and ignored me. I hate how that sentence ends the search for truth.

Anyways felt like ranting about something but I had no one to rant to haha. Cx Also wanted to share my love for this movie. Find your inner child. x

15 answers to the questions about F51

1. The book starts off with Montag burning books because that's the time were he is happy and feels like is doing something productive for society. I think it is pleasurable for him because books are viewed as dangerous to all of society and his job is sort of saving society from that danger. Since he is doing that, he has a sense of purpose for helping the lives of many and he gets to be the destroyer of something bad.
2. I think books are compared to as birds in the opening scene is because birds are living beings that can feel pain and torture. Montag feels like he is torturing the books for being dangerous and that sort of gives him pleasure.
3. Clarisse is very talkative and curious about everything which is why she likes to ask a lot of questions. She does things outside the norm to the society she lives in. She doesn't go to school but stays home and enjoys nature. She comes home and has fun talking to her loving family while there is no technology in sight. She lives a very colorful life.
    Montag is the complete opposite of Clarisse. Montag goes to work and doesn't question anything.      He comes home to his wife who ignores him and didn't question if he loved her until after he met        Clarisse. He rarely talks to anyone due to the fact everyone he knows is distracted by technology.
   He lives a very dull life.
4. Technology has negatively impacted the lives of Montag and Mildred. Due to Mildred being obsessed with television\"the plays" and the seashells, she's being distracted and doesn't pay attention to anything or anyone around her. This affects her marriage with Montag because they don't have proper conversations with each other and she is looking for happiness in distraction.
5. The author choose to introduce us to Montag when he meets Clarisse because Clarisse's different personality opened the eyes of Montag and made him realize that he isn't happy with himself, he isn't in love, and things don't have to be the way they are. Bradbury is showing us how Clarisse influenced Montag to make some changes to his life. The reason why he shows us Mildred's overdose is because he is showing us what the society in the book is like. They look for happiness in the wrong things but still expect to find it. When they don't find it, they overdose.
6. Clarisse is introduced first because he first shows us how good a connection Clarisse can make with people. The he shows us Mildred, who is the complete opposite and is like everyone else in that society.
7. All the houses are fire proof because if firemen find books in a house they'll burn it, it'll burn for a few days and then the house will look like brand new.
8. Mildred requires emergency service because she overdosed on sleeping pills and she could barley breath when Montag found her. The service provided weren't doctors but technicians. They use a thing called a "special snake" to pump the stomachs of people who overdose.
9. The mechanical hound is a robot that has form\look like a dog and is programmed to stick a needle and kill whomever is breaking the law.
10. The society consider Clarisse as "antisocial" because she does not conform to what society wants her to be. She doesn't use technology, loves to interact with people, and likes to explore nature. She is the opposite of everyone else.
11. The woman lights the match because she is willing to die with her books however, Montag is nagging her to not to and the captain didn't think she'd do it. She believed in what she did.
12. Montag and Mildred's relationship is very rocky. Montag doesn't love Mildred. Mildred uses Montag as a wallet. They don't have proper conversations because Mildred doesn't like to be bothered when using technology(so all the time). It's like two strangers are living in the same house.
13. Beatty visits Montag because he can sense that Montag is starting to question his job and the "dangers" of books. (I put quotes around dangers because to me, it seems like that society sees books as something dangerous or evil.)
14. Beatty thinks school is useless if they don't teach people how to have fun and basic skills to sustain their lives. Teaching them academic stuff makes people "unhappy". The majority would just rather be entertained than learn. So basically Beatty thinks teaching kids academics causes people to feel discomfort and can make people feel like they're not smart.
I agree with Beatty on the part where he thinks regular school, like this high school, can give discomfort. Only because we are so focused on getting good grades and if we don't get them, we feel like maybe we aren't intellectual. However, I disagree with him on how school should be. School isn't for being entertained. Yes, school can be entertaining and you can still have fun but only if it all relates to learning about important things. Beatty doesn't want much learning to happen in schools.
15. Montag "feels fat" because of  his guilt of hiding books and starting to have different views the society has is weighing him down. Montag's conflicting thoughts on society's norms are piling up on top of each other and making him feel like he is gaining weight mentally.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Thinking Out Loud: Pg.52 of F51

*contains spoilers*
I'm currently on page 52 and it is so tempting to go finish the book. There are a few things that make me curious like, why do firemen start fires and why is it their job to burn places that have books? Why is the government lying to them about the history of firemen?
And the most important question..... WHY ARE BOOKS ILLEGAL?! Will people find out Montag has books? Does Clarisse have books?
I absolutely love Clarisse's personality. I admire her child like character, as Emerson would say, she isn't afraid to ask questions and doesn't conform to what everyone else is doing. She likes to run around and be free. Her peers are dull due to obsession with technology and apparently "kill each other"?
So does Clarisse really get run over by a car or did her and her family disappear because they are different than everyone else? Clarisse is perfectly normal and so is her family yet she has a psychiatrist. Maybe the government took a look at this city and saw how everyone was doing what they want them to do..... except for one family. Now they're gone. Just how in The Pedestrian, Leonard Mead was forced to go in the police car because he was doing something that wasn't the norm.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Pedestrians

My dad got home from work and I felt like going for a walk to get fresh air. Observation: We probably saw two people outside on our walk around the neighborhood. I also asked my dad if he read Fahrenheit 45, knowing he would he has because one of the classes he taught before was English. He said that it's an amazing book and he liked the style of how Ray Bradbury wrote. Plus he offered me to borrow a copy of the book if I needed it. I then asked him if he had read The Pedestrian. He didn't. Long story short: I summarized The Pedestrian whilst being Pedestrians. haha (:

Reflection of today's discussion about Fahrenheit 451

What I learned(may contain spoilers because I love reading ahead.. ooooppps😅):
 Montag wears a smile on his face when burning things down because that is what makes him happy. However, he cannot start fires all day so he had gotten used to coming home only to be ignored by his wife who has ear buds on all the time and by everyone else in town who are huddled around TV screens and technology(Clarisse and her family being the only exception). Everyone is distracted by technology and Montag didn't even realize it until after he met Clarisse. He notices her family actually talks to each other and are happy because of the loving connection they have and he really wants to be apart of it. They have a sense of belonging. So when he comes home after that walk with Clarisse, he already acknowledges how unhappy he is only to find his wife on the floor of the bedroom because she overdosed. The reason why she does this is because she was looking for happiness by getting distracted with technology. She doesn't know what she really needs is human interaction and it gets me frustrated how the conversation she had with her husband after the sleeping pill incident was that she wanted a new television..... A NEW TELEVISION!!!!!! That's what got her in this mess in the first place! How is she going to find happiness by being distracted? No wonder why Montag took a sleeping tablet.... Now I'm wondering if Montag actually loves or even likes his wife. Does Clarisse coming into his life change everything? It already seemed to have made him realize something with that million dollar question which was, "Are you happy"?

Or maybe Montag is not happy because he burns down all the happiness and magicalness books bring.