Monday, May 22, 2017


The world is a scary place. How can such a cruel thing happen in a place of joy and love? I cannot fathom the fact that people were trying to see someone who they adored and this happened. Concerts are magical. They bring people together to enjoy something they have in common. It's heartbreaking that such an experience ruined and that people died. My thoughts/prayers go to the people involved and Ari and her team. I just hope everyone there stays safe.

(adding a song because I truly hope violence stops)
Better Days- Victoria Monet ft. Ariana Grande

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Gemini Season

It's finally Gemini season. It's typically  one of my favorite times of the year, not because it's my bday season but because we are well into Spring and it's about to be Summer! If you're into astrology, then you're most likely shocked that I'm a Gemini. (I'm also a Slytherin.. shocking to those who don't know me personally) Geminis are known for being extremely, witty  talkative, sociable, and outgoing. In public, I'm not any of those things so I can understand why people could be confused as to why I'm a Gemini. These traits are mine when I'm truly myself with people I'm comfortable with. I  pretty much have most traits that go with this sign. And no, Gemini's aren't "two faced."🙄

I will confirm that the twin thing is true. Most of the time the nice, quiet twin is out. Get us triggered and the other twin won't hesitate to come out and be up in your face. I've learned that there is more to astrology than just your sun sign.. but your sun sign is a big part of who you are. So to any of my fellow Gems, happy birthday!! Can't wait to read more about astrology in the summer and decipher what it means to be born in Gemini.

Friday, May 19, 2017


So close.... yet so far away! There's about 12 days of instruction left but it feels like I'm slowly crawling on my hands and knees to the finish line and boy, do I need some water. This race has truly been tiring. The sun has been pressuring me to get good grades and my mind doesn't let me stop to take a break. At this point, I don't care to win a medal. All I want to do is to cross this finish line and get some water. Even when I think that, my mind tells me that I need to try to win or else I'm going to be mad at myself and so will the sun. So with bruises, tiredness, and being drained, I carry on and try to win the race.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

My masterpiece academy: A thought process

Big Question: Why does music sound good to humans?
My masterpiece academy project has been completed since last weekend. I can honestly say that I've learned many interesting things and I really hope everyone likes it. I originally had planned on finding an experiment that I could do that proves how we(humans) listen to sounds but as it says on the board  (by Robert Burns), "the best laid plans often go awry." I'm not a scientist (and have no interest in becoming one) so I don't have fancy equipment to do that kind of experiment or know where to begin. I do think the information on my presentation is fairly interesting but I hope that I don't let anxiety take over me whilst presenting. I apologize for being boring if that does happen.
I still want my presentation to have some pizzazz so throughout today's period, I found something else that I could do. Hint: it involves animals!! :D
I know my question is about humans but I feel that to understand what I'm trying to answer, we have to compare information to animals too. So hopefully my idea works out and isn't boring but I guess we'll find out.

Masterpiece Academy Day 1 & 2

Presenter: Ale The question- Would it be better if people know their perfect match by birthmark?

  • asked people and many said yes because they don't want to spend all their life with someone who ended up to not be their soulmate.
  • the people who said no didn't want to be tied down to destiny.
  • essentially, people would be born with a birthmark. To find your soulmate, you have to find a person with the same birthmark.

confirmation bias~when finding something online and you see evidence that confirms your hypothesis so you go with that.

Thoughts: I think the idea is brilliant and very creative. However, there's some things that can go wrong. Like what if a person just wanted to be single all their life? Do people who become priests and nuns get birthmarks too? What happens if a 14 year old gets matched with a 22 year old? Doesn't knowing who your soulmate take all the adventure out of it(love)? I personally wouldn't want a birthmark that matches me up with someone. I believe that future isn't set in stone and that we are the writers of our own story. I also think life's mysteries is what make life fun. Life's about going through experiences and learning from them so we can grow. I admit, it would be nice to know now......
but I love a good mystery. I feel that society is puts pressure on finding "their true love". For me, if I never had one, I'd be more than okay with it. I don't need a "soulmate" to complete me. Society just has its ideas....

Saturday, April 29, 2017


1. Big Question/Master Topic: How does music connect to the mind and emotions? And what makes it sound good to humans?

2. What I've done was think about what fields I would need to research my big question. I think psychology and science can help me with research.

3. A thing I did over break was research on how we hear music. (So sound waves , the ear, and the brain)

4.  Maybe some people are attracted to some music because of the diction and syntax of the lyrics. For example, some lyrics are just so fun to say.

5. What I'm going to do next is investigate the psychology of the mind and how our brains process music.


           When writing an essay, authors often consider using tools that will help get their readers engaged with their writing and try to persuade them to agree with their argument or theme. In the essay, "We Eat Social Media for Breakfast", the theme was how the internet is a belief system and connects people together. The author's use of diction, syntax, tone, and rhetorical devices make the readers feel welcomed by providing personal experiences as examples and uses language that makes the reader feel as if the writing was an actual conversation. All of those tools help the argument because the audience feels a connection with the writing.
           The author's diction is informal because it is meant to make the reader feel like they are in an actual conversation thus providing the reader with inviting and welcoming feelings. For example, at the end the author writes, "Thanks for reading" instead of "Thank you for reading". This makes the reader feel as if the writing came from a friend. The author's tone was also humorous, which provokes more emotion from the audience. When he writes, "I'm a wannabe millenial", I can't help but chuckle because I see those kinds of posts everywhere and can understand where the author is coming from. He also started off the essay with something personal he did, which was take pictures of his breakfast, which helps establish a connection with the readers.

            The author's syntax also helps give examples of his argument. He uses rhetorical questions to help prove his point. In the paragraph about finding the right tools for the job, he explains critical questions by asking, "What IS the job? And what do we want to accomplish by sharing information? And what tool to use?". A lot of sentences are short and declarative. That is effective for keeping the writing informal and proving a point at the same time. The author does this when he writes, "So, back to my breakfast. She didn't get my pictures." and "But there's more to this than meets the eye."

          The author also uses rhetorical devices like imagery to keep the reader engaged by helping them pain a picture in their minds. This works when he writes, "I wipped out my iPhone and started snapping pics of my breakfast." The reader can imagine this scenario happening and keeps them engaged. The author also uses anecdotes to help explain a point while creating an emotional response from the audience. When the author wrote about sending breakfast pics to someone he wished he could share it with, he explains his argument about how he uses technology to connect with people while the audience is in awe.

        So overall, the author's main argument was explained effectively by the tools he used because not only did the tools help explain his point, but they helped persuade the audience to agree with him. He uses the tools to explain how technology is "a belief system about how we interact and communicate" by sharing personal experiences and establishing a connection with the audience. I, myself, was persuaded by his argument especially because of the anecdotes, which evoked emotion and humor when making a point. This contributed to making the essay an even more enjoyable experience to read.